Do You Believe In Love (And Marriage) At First Sight? Couple Weds Seconds After Meeting for the First Time

Married At First Sight

Maybe it really does go down in the DM.

Newlyweds Arte Vann and Erica Harris were “married” at LA/Ontario International Airport in Ontario, CA just moments after meeting each other for the first time. The two randomly met through a mutual friend's page on Instagram. The sparks flew and they shared an "Instagram romance" for about a year according to 36-year-old Harris from Murrieta, California.

The former single mother of three, and her groom, Ante Vann of Earlton, New York, married spontaneously in the middle of the airport. Harris calls Vann “the man of her dreams.” They were part of a community of writers in which they shared their poems. That commonality drew them together, flirting with each other in the form of “likes” and “comments.”

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About three weeks ago, a mutual friend of theirs encouraged them to “just get hitched already,” said Harris. The two got “#InstaEngaged” and immediately made plans to “elope.” Vann, 40, resigned from his position as head chef at a local restaurant, packed his things and bought a one-way ticket to California.

When the two met at the airport for the first time last week, the exchanged rings and got “#InstaMarried.”

The “InstaCouple” still has to work out the kinks such as telling their family, an actual marriage license, living arrangements, employment, and the like; but Harris says she can’t think of a better person to spend her life with.

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Photo credit: Erica Harris

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