Bill Romanowski Send a Smug Tweet and Calls Cam Newton ‘Boy’

Bill Romanowski Send a Smug Tweet and Calls Cam Newton ‘Boy’

Super Bowl 50 may not have been the most exciting game of the season, but the off-field press has been buzzworthy.

The Denver Broncos shut down the Carolina Panthers in a 24 to 10 victory. Many of us watched the Panthers continuously get shut out from scoring, with the Broncos blocking every Wide Receiver from making a score. It’s safe to say the QuarterBacks were not the MVPs of the game this year, as the Broncos’ Defense line went hard on the field.

26-year old, Carolina QB, Cam Newton did his best to ride for his team, but to no avail, was unsuccessful. All seemed good until the press conference. Everyone could see a frustrated Newton, but what they didn’t notice was Denver’s Chris Harris in the room behind Newton doing his press conference. If anyone actually paid attention, you can tell Newton was listening to it which agitated him more, and ultimately caused him to leave.

So where does Bill Romanowski come in?

Well, the former Bronco Linebacker felt the need to express his opinion about Newton’s abrupt exit from the press conference on Sunday and led with this flavorful statement:

Now...anyone who’s a person of color born in this country, familiar with the enslavement of the African, racism, segregation, or has even watched an old “negro movie,” knows damn full well, you ---- as a white man --- DO NOT address a black man as “boy.” It has the same derogatory meaning as the N-word.

But that isn’t the half.

Days before the Super Bowl in an interview, Romanowski was asked if he were still playing who would he hit, Peyton or Newton, and he kindly said, “Cam Newton…I'd hit him as hard as I possibly could, and probably at the bottom of the pile I'd try to get him by the neck and choke him. Hopefully he can't breathe for a long time."


Unfortunately, his tweet about Newton leaving the press conference should come as no surprise since he’s already expressed how he feels.

After being dragged by Black Twitter and everyone else who found what Romanowski said blatantly racist, he deleted the tweet and issued this apology:

Nice try sir, we already see you.

Here's the irony, when Peyton Manning as an Indiana Colt, lost against the New Orleans Saints, no one made a big issue when he stormed off the field and didn't shake hands with anyone. So why is it a big deal when Cam Newton show's the same type of disappointment?

Things that make you go hmmm....

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