Killer Mike Stands In Solidarity With Women And Calls For Accountability In The Music Industry

Killer Mike Music Industry

It began Monday with the tweets from Dirty Projectors singer Amber Coffman recounting the time she was sexually assaulted by notable Publicist and CEO of Life Or Death PR, Heathcliff Berru. Then things began to spiral downward. Through the bravery of Amber's tweets, many other women came forward reliving countless occurrences.

The gauntlet came down heavy and immediately clients affiliated with Life Or Death PR began to pull out, causing Berru to ultimately step down from his own company. One client in particular, who spoke publicly about removing himself from the roster, was Killer Mike.

In a series of tweets, he addressed his disdain for his friend's actions and took a stance in solidarity with the women who have come forward.

Killer Mike used Twitter as a preface to speak out against the assault of Amber Coffman and others but gave full disclosure of his position on his Facebook page.
"No one should have to feel afraid for speaking out when wronged in any manner or feel like no one cares about them," he wrote. "This is not ok. For the sake of clarity, I had no knowledge of any of this stuff prior to the story breaking yesterday a.m."
The rest can be viewed here.
With continuous backlash from women who allege sexual assault and rape against prominent men in the industry (and men in general) Killer Mike's public support sets a precedent. The rape culture is one that has no mercy for women, leaving many broken and ashamed, having to pick up the pieces of their reputations shattered from cover-ups and public humiliation.
Killer Mike brings a breath of fresh air to an issue that is repeatedly swept under the rug and sends a call to action to his peers to step up and be accountable.

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