‘Never Have I Ever’: Rihanna and George Clooney Reveal Secrets on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Rihanna And George Clooney

If you’ve ever watched The Ellen DeGeneres Show, you know she loves to play fun (and sometimes racy) games with celebrity guests. In this episode, George Clooney and Ellen DeGeneres began to play the game "Never Have I Ever" but before they got started, she brings out Rihanna for some added fun.

One of the questions, “never have I ever swam naked in Lake Como.” Clooney answers that he has, which, of course, is not unlikely since that's where he lives. Rihanna and DeGeneres had not, and in true DeGeneres fashion, she gave Clooney a little harmless shade since she and Rihanna have never been invited.

From there it just kept getting better....

Other questions needed a bit more clarification like whether being already drunk at 4 or 6 AM counted for being drunk before noon, attempting to define what “spanking a cat” meant, and the definition of "hooking up," which according to the game, implied "sealing the envelope."Hilarious.

The last question asked about texting naked pics to the wrong person, in which Rihanna shyly admitted doing so.


It’s a fun episode with DeGeneres, Rihanna and Clooney spilling the tea about all kinds of stuff.

Photo credit: EllenTube

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