Twitter Selfie of Mom and Twin Girls Goes Viral...Can You Tell? Which One Is the Mom?

Mom And Twins Selfie Viral Twitter

OK, so NOW can we affirm that black don’t crack?

Kaylan Mahomes of Indiana tweeted a selfie of herself, along with her twin sister and mom that went viral. All of social media was baffled, attempting to figure out who’s the mother. Hell, we couldn’t either.

Can you?

That melanin fountain of youth is strong.

Kaylan’s photo, which shows the ladies sitting next to one another in a row, has been retweeted more than 30,000 times and received almost 60,000 likes since it’s original post date of January 28.


Kaylan recently posted the answer on Twitter, but, we figured we’d keep it a secret and let you all guess.

So who’s the mom? Share your answers below.

Photo credit: Kaylan Mahomes

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