You Are What You Eat...True for the VaJay-Jay Too! Dr. Jackie Explains How Foods Affect Vagina Smells...

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So...if you want to follow Jhene Aiko’s advice and “eat the booty like groceries,” you might want to make sure the food is fresh.

Married to Medicine’s Dr. Jackie, gave a “grocery story” metaphor of a woman’s vaginal aroma. What many of don’t know is that our bodies tend to give off a food-like scent, letting us know when something’s off or on.

Now let’s be clear, Dr. Jackie Walters isn’t just a regular Reality TV star, she’s been a practicing OB/GYN in Atlanta for 22 years, so her advice is official.

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In her interview with Rolling Out, Dr. Jackie makes it very clear that although every woman wants her sweet spot to smell like roses, it’s not supposed to. She says, “it should have kind of a musky odor, and I didn’t say musty, I said musky: m-u-s-k-y.”

There you have it ladies!

She goes on to explain that certain glands and cells, which are present in the vagina, keeps it lubricated. This mixture of glands and cells is what generates the musky order. She also makes it clear that the type of foods eaten, vitamins and daily activities can easily change the aroma of the vag.

OK, so what about this food smell? We got you. Here's the breakdown of her grocery store metaphor:

The Bakery

“If you’ve ever had the smell of warm bread down there, it’s a yeast infection. Irritation, burning, itching, that’s all yeast. Easily treated.”


“Now, if you think you’re in the seafood department, that’s not good. Salmon, shrimp, catfish, that’s not good. You really need to call your doctor. However, it’s called bacterial vaginosis, and it typically has this milky white to beige discharge, and a strong fishy odor.” If you find yourself with a BV infection, there are over-the-counter treatments for an easy remedy.


She also makes a note that the vagina has a variation of smells like the produce department, but says not to fret if it smells a little like onions or asparagus -- that's OK. Oftentimes a woman’s body can’t metabolize certain foods properly so they’re left smelling like a “side dish.”

We literally are what we eat. Dr. Jackie points out that if a woman were to make a “rum punch” eating a mixture of various fruits such as pineapples, strawberries, etc., a few hours or days before participating in some adult acts (hint, hint), she would smell just like that. OK men, that one was for you.

The important takeaway is that a woman’s vag should not smell offensive even though it may have a slight aroma. No one should know what you smell like unless they’ve been down there for a main course.


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